Why You Should Vote and Be an Informed Voter

Why You Should Vote

  1. NM Supreme Court Justices

Michelle Lujan Grisham has appointed Democrat trial lawyers to the New Mexico Supreme Court.  One result – the Supreme Court voted in favor of the Governor’s action to fine NM businesses $5,000 if they re-open.   They will continue to do the Governor’s bidding unless we elect two outstanding Republican candidates for the Supreme Court – Ned Fuller and Kerry Morris.  Voters who care about a Supreme Court who follows the Constitution and does not make the law, should also vote to retain Judith Nakamura, an outstanding jurist.

  1. 2020 Redistricting

We are electing the New Mexico Legislature that will determine the 2020 Redistricting for the State Legislature.   We need Legislators that will fight for fair and just legislative districts.  The Democrats have stated that their goal is to redistrict the Republicans out of existence.  We can’t let this happen.  Please vote.

  1. Nancy Pelosi

Do we really want Nancy Pelosi to continue as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives?  Shouldn’t we send New Mexico Republicans to Washington i 2022 to vote against Nancy and retake the House of Representatives?  Let’s vote for the Republican candidates for the US House of Representatives.   The District 2 Candidate is Yvette Herrell.

  1. Divide and Conquer

Will the Libertarian candidates draw enough votes from the Republicans and Independents to provide a Democrat victory in November?   Please remind your friends and neighbors that a vote for a Libertarian candidate is a vote for the Democrats and their socialist agenda.

It’s not about the Libertarian Party, their Candidates or their philosophy, it’s about preventing Democrat control of the New Mexico House of Representatives, Senate, and the Governor’s veto pen.   Remember Democrats have controlled mostly both houses of our Legislature for over 80 years and look where NM is in terms of crime, education, etc. as compared to other states.  We can change this by voting for well-qualified and experienced candidates who have values and goals that serve New Mexicans well.

We are voting for our future, our children’s future, and our grandchildren’s future.

  1. The NM Governor appoints Judges!

 Do we want more crime or less crime? That is the Question!

The first step in improving our crime problem is to protect us by removing criminals from society, not release them with a slap on the wrist.

Do we want a Governor that appoints judges that legislate from the bench, are not well-qualified, and bring politics into the courtroom?  If not, then we want to vote for a candidate like Steve Pearce for Governor who will appoint well-qualified, law and order judges that will uphold the New Mexico State Laws and Constitution.

Susana began New Mexico’s judicial turn around by appointing several well-qualified, law and order judges.  However, Democrat judges still dominate all the courts.  It will take a long time to replace bad or politically partisan judges that legislate from the bench.  Please give Steve Pearce the opportunity to continue repairing the damage that the Democrats have done to our legal system.

  1. Republican Votes Are Needed to Elect Republicans

Often election poll results are discouraging.  Polls can be manipulated by the sample size and selection of who is in the sample. How valid are these polls?  The answer is, “It all depends – on the sampling plan, selection of population to be polled, etc.  There are many ways to affect the result of a poll.  Any good statistician knows how to create a sampling plan that will generate the predetermined results that their customer wants.   Perhaps the pollsters are using faulty election polls, twisted logic, half-truths, and untruths to discourage Republicans and Independents from voting.

If poll results convince Republicans to stay home, it means their votes won’t count.  Many races can be very close and just a few votes can make the difference.  If you want to make a difference and if you want to exercise one of the most precious freedoms you have, please go out and vote.

If you’re depending on poll results to determine how you vote, then you are not an informed voter.

  1. Improving Public Education in NM

The Teachers Union has a strangle hold on our public education system and controls our school boards. Common Core is not working.  We need an education system that teaches our country’s history and the Constitution, that provides for basic education in subjects such as English, math, science, history and citizenship so that students may develop to their full potential and are prepared for the opportunities that will be available in the future.   Well-educated students will become informed citizens that participate in making our state a better place to live.  Businesses and quality jobs will flow to New Mexico instead of from it.

Teachers need to be free to teach.  Vocational education needs to be implemented.  The progressive Common Core approach to education needs to be overhauled or replaced.  We need to focus on these K-12 issues.  Spending more money is not the answer until we understand what the real causes of NM ranking 49th or 50th year after year are and have a plan to fix them. Vote for our Governor candidate Steve Pearce and Republican legislators who want to promote these values.

  1. Vote to Prevent Depletion and Destruction of our NM Permanent Funds

Democrats want to raid the permanent funds.  See our web page on this subject.  These permanent funds are a source of education funding and funding for pensions for both state employees as well as teachers.  The depletion of these funds would be very destructive.  NM is blessed with oil and gas revenues which have provided a huge surplus.  But what happens when these resources are depleted?  Our permanent funds and our rainy day fund allow New Mexicans to be better prepared for economy downturns.  Republicans will protect these funds and the future of New Mexico.  Remember if the permanent funds are raided or squandered away, all New Mexicans will see a tax increase of at least $1,200 a year.

  1. Vote for Smaller Government, Reasonable Deregulation, and More Cost-Efficient Government that Provides a Better Future for All New Mexicans

New Mexico keeps growing government and is a very over-regulated state.  The Democrat plan is to grow government, increase regulation, raise taxes, and control every aspect of our lives.  Republicans want to restore our freedoms and reduce government interference that bogs down our economy, our schools, and our daily living.

  1. New Mexicans Need to Vote and Give Republicans a Chance to Really Govern by Electing a Republican Governor, Legislators, and Congressional Representatives

11.  To Keep the 3% Cap on Property Taxes

Years ago the New Mexico Legislature passed a 3% cap on property tax increases.  How secure is this cap?  What will happen to our property taxes if the cap is removed?  The Democrats have an endless capacity to increase government spending and taxation.  If the Democrats exhaust the state’s income and raid the permanent funds, they will have to raise taxes to pay for all the over-spending.  Eventually they will look at every source of revenue including removing the cap o property taxes.

12. Vote to Keep America on the Right Track

The choice is clear.  What do you want for our country?  Here are just some of the reasons we need Republicans to vote:

  • Jobs not Mobs
  • Results instead of Resistance
  • Greatness instead of Gridlock
  • A soaring economy and jobs
  • Lowest unemployment rate in years for everyone including Hispanics and Blacks
  • Companies returning to America
  • Better paying jobs for the middle class
  • A stronger military that can protect us
  • Deregulation instead of over-regulation
  • A President who stands up for America instead of apologizing for it
  • More freedom instead of loss of freedom and control over your own life
  • Borders that are enforced
  • Better care for veterans
  • Return to America’s core values as expressed by our Founding Fathers
  • A safer America with less crime and violence

What do we have to lose?  Democrats have been in control and have left New Mexico at the bottom of the barrel.  New Mexico has so much potential and it has been squandered by Democrats.  Please get out and vote Republican!!!

Are You an Informed Voter?

Please read this article:

October 30, 2018

Scientific Survey Finds Voters of All Parties, Ages, and Genders Are Broadly Misinformed by James D. Agresti

Lost vs Very Lost

See:  https://www.justfacts.com/news_2018_poll_voter_knowledge.asp

At a recent “get-out-the-vote” rally in Las Vegas, former first lady Michelle Obama declaredthat people don’t have to be informed in order to vote. All they need, she said, is to “be a citizen,” “have opinions,” and want “a say in what happens.” She emphasized, “I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old—and trust me—I didn’t know nothing about nothing at 18 years old.”

In contrast, James Madison—the father of the Constitution and primary author of the Bill of Rights—stressed that voters “must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” Failure to do this, he said, will produce government that is “a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both.”

The results of a new scientific survey indicate that voters of all ages, political parties, and genders are following Obama’s lead instead of Madison’s. Moreover, the survey shows that many voters are not only uninformed about major issues—they are positively misinformed.

In total, the rates at which voters gave the correct answers varied from a high of 47% for Republican voters to a low of 34% for Democrat voters.

To read the entire article, please go to the link listed above.  It is important to vote but voters need to be informed.  Our web site attempts to provide information that will help to inform voters.