Meet Courtney Jackson – our APS School Board Dist. 7 Member Elect

Courtney Jackson – APS School Board Member for District 7
APS District 7

Put Children First

Courtney Jackson is running for School Board because we need new leadership that stands up to special interests and gives parents a voice in the decisions that affect our schools. She will work with parents and educators to focus funding in the classrooms instead of the bureaucracy, and ensure students get the safe, quality in-person education they deserve.

Courtney’s Background:

  • Mother of two children attending Albuquerque Public Schools
  • APS Foundation Board Member
  • Two-time PTA president
  • Graduated from La Cueva High School; Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctorate from UNM
  • Girl Scout Troop Leader and active community volunteer

Issues that Courtney wants to address in her own words:

Return to In-Person Learning

The science and facts were there, safety precautions were in place, students and parents made their intentions clear, even the support of health leaders was unmistakable—yet the APS Board still delayed in-person learning. Our students deserve timely action and immediate response to situations such as this. I’ll work with the school board as well as other parents, faculty, and state officials to ensure our students safely return to in-person learning and successfully remain in it.

Make the Voices of APS Parents Heard

The APS school system is composed of our children—so why aren’t parents more involved in the decisions being made regarding them? It’s time we change this. As a parent of children attending APS schools, I want the school system to be and provide the best for its students, as I’m sure you do, too. Listening to you, I’ll work to ensure the voices of APS parents are heard, and that our children are adequately supported, educated, and given opportunities by the Albuquerque Public School system.

Making APS a Dynamic, Innovative Vessel

Albuquerque is an incredibly diverse and vibrant community, and this should be reflected in our school system. Our students come from all types of backgrounds, possess an array of talents, and strive to achieve all different things—and I believe APS should be a supporter and source of guidance for every single one of them. By making APS a more dynamic and innovative vessel, our students will have everything they need to be contributing members of society, right now and in the future.

Schools in School Board District 7

District 7 Map (PDF)