2022- New Mexico Republican Candidates

Think about how much damage our Governor and Democrat politicians have done to New Mexico before you vote. We have excellent, well-qualified Republican candidates. Instead of NM being last, why not vote for a change and make NM first where it counts!!

2022 – New Mexico Primary Election Winners

Michelle Garcia Holmes – Candidate for Congressional District 1

Website:  https://www.votemgh.com/

Mark Ronchetti – Candidate for Governor

Website:  https://markronchetti.com/

Anthony Thornton – Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Website:  https://www.thenextlg.com/

Audrey Trujillo – Candidate for Secretary of State

Website:  https://www.audreytruehero4nm.com/

Jeremy Gay – Candidate for State Attorney General

Website:  https://www.jeremygay.com/

Harry Montoya – Candidate for NM State Treasurer

Website:  https://www.harryfornewmexico.com/

Jefferson L. Byrd – Candidate for Land Commissioner

Website:  https://byrdfornm.com/

Robert S. Godshall – Candidate for State Legislative District 27

Website:  https://www.godshallfordistrict27.com/

NM Supreme Court – On Ballot

Position 1 – Thomas Montoya  

Position 2 – Kerry Morris  

NM Court of Appeals – On Ballot

Position 1 – Barbara Johnson

Position 2 – Gertrude Lee

Paul Pacheco – Candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff

Website:  https://peopleforpaulpacheco.com/

Timothy Beck – Candidate for PEC (Public Education Commission) District 2

Website:  https://timbeckfornm.com/

2022- New Mexico Republican Pre-Primary Candidates


Jay Block
Rebecca Dow
Ethel Maharg
Mark Ronchetti
Greg Zanetti

Lt. Governor:

Anthony Thornton
Peggy Muller-Aragon

Secretary of State:
Audrey Trujillo

Attorney General:
Jeremy Gay

State Treasurer:
Harry Montoya

Commissioner of Public Lands:
Jeff Byrd

Congress 1st District:

Louie Sanchez
Michelle Garcia Homes

Congress 2nd District:
Yvette Herrell

Congress 3rd District:
Alexis Martinez Johnson

Bernalillo County Sheriff Candidates

Paul Pacheco

Dereck Scott

Donald Bibb

Joshua Lawrence