Note:  The GOP Bernalillo County Office Headquarters (BCGOP)  has moved again.  It’s new location is:  7901 4th St. the NW corner of 4th and Ranchitos. 

Ward 27 Meeting Alert:

Ward 27’s next Ward meeting will be Tuesday September 22, at 6:30 pm in a new location.  The new meeting location is:   8001 Wyoming Blvd., NE, Suite A-2 at the Northwest corner of Wyoming and Paseo del Norte next to the Guaca Guaca restaurant (the ex-AT&T wireless retail suite).  Please come!  The November 3, 2020 election is only a few short weeks away!

Progressives Take Over Democratic Party in New Mexico

Please see this short video at:

Before you vote, please look at this video about Progressives taking over the NM Democratic Party.  Progressives are intolerant of other opinions, they are dividing us, they want to control the land and the people, they will destroy the culture and rich-heritage of New Mexico.  Your children will be educated in the progressive education agenda to insure they control the future.  Please think carefully before you vote.

The video “Progressives have taken over the Democrat Party” is brought you by New Mexico Turn Around (NMTA). NMTA is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that is committed to investigating matters causing the state’s low rankings and then reporting the results of those investigations to New Mexicans.  It does this in the hope that its efforts will assist New Mexico to become a state where children are well educated and where productive jobs are plentiful.

If you missed it, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez was speaking on MSNBC and said, “There are no moderate Democrats left…”  Of course, he caught himself in the midst of what he was saying and changed Democrats to Republicans.  I guess that’s what they call a Freudian slip.  Courtesy of “Freedom Outpost”.

The NM State Permanent Funds and Why It is a Terrible Idea to Raid these Funds
  • NM state permanent funds are the source of the retirement pensions for both state employees and teachers.
  • All tax payers will see their taxes increase by at least $1,200 if these funds are either depleted or severely reduced.
  • Michelle Lujan Grisham has “no” authority to raid these funds.  The legislature must pass by a majority a change to the percentage withdrawn.

Please see our page on the State Investment Council/Permanent Funds for more information.