Republican Robert “Bob” Godshall for NM House District 27

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Bob is a longtime homeowner in House District 27 and serves as the county party’s vice chair in that Ward.

In his remarks to the RPBC Central Committee, Bob shared his passion for the state of New Mexico and about the three core concerns of his: crime, failing schools and jobs. These three challenges facing our city and state will be his primary focus should District 27 elect him to serve in the Roundhouse.


Born in Texas, raised in Philadelphia, I moved to New Mexico in 1976 and, except for the 3 years I spent with the U.S. Border Patrol in Sierra Blanca, Tx., this state has been my home ever since.

I’m retired from the Department of Homeland Security after a 28 year career with Federal Law Enforcement. That career began after I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Political Science at the University of New Mexico in 1980.  In the course of my time at UNM, I postponed my studies temporarily in order to put together a financial foundation from which to continue.   I know from that experience what it’s like to be poor.

I became politically active in Albuquerque in 2012 volunteering for a number of Republican candidates ranging from Janice Arnold-Jones, Larry Larranaga, and Wayne Johnson to Brook Bassan, among others.  During this time, I have knocked on thousands of doors and spoken to countless people, many of whom are in District 27.

I have spoken to many of you about your frustrations and your hopes for this state and this country and, believe me, I can relate.


Being in law enforcement all through his career has prepared Bob for dealing with situations like the huge increase in crime that we have experienced in New Mexico.  We can hire more police officers and we can arrest more criminals but, what’s the point when these criminals are released back into the community.  One of the easy approaches to this problem is for state and local law enforcement to cooperate with the Federal authorities in identifying and removing foreign nationals that commit crime.

Another approach is to make our bail system work for us.  The purpose of bail is to ensure the appearance of an offender to all future court proceedings.  Appropriate conditions of release should take into account the severity of the crime, the criminal history of the offender, the offender’s potential to abscond, and the offender’s threat to the community.  Conditions of release should have the effect of discouraging future criminal activity, but they don’t.  That’s because offenders violate these conditions and are not rewarded with detention when they should be.

Failing Schools
As a parent and new grandfather, you could say that Bob has skin in the game!  New Mexico is firmly in the middle of the pack when it comes to funding public education but we’re near the bottom of high school graduation rates.  We have a system that is clogged with high paid administrators.  We have a system that does not challenge our students to do  better but seems to want to accommodate failure, to look for reasons to accept failure.  Republicans need to be elected to the Legislature in this cycle and we need a Republican governor elected in 2022 to get people into the system that want to achieve educational excellence.

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs!
Prosperity comes from thriving business activity, it does not come from government.  Business creates jobs which creates economic opportunities, healthy families and workers, learning opportunities, more wealth, longer life spans, less crime, and more cultural and entertainment opportunities.  Government manages or regulates the lack of resources and it does not produce anything.  New Mexico is a great state with truly outstanding people, cultural diversity, mountain vistas, outdoor recreational activities and wide open spaces and yet, we cannot seem to achieve the same economic success that our neighboring states have achieved.  Could it be that government is in the way?  Our gross receipts tax system discourages businesses from re-locating here.  We are only one of two states with a gross receipts tax.  New Mexico has to compete with states that have Right to Work laws.  We have a workforce that seems to be satisfied with the lower wages that government says it will get them when they could be improving their skills to earn the much higher wages that are available to more skilled workers.  When we get excellence in college education, when we get less government interference in wages and benefits and when we have quality workforce development, we will get the conditions to produce business success.