Republican Mark Ronchetti for U.S. Senate




Mark Ronchetti lives in Albuquerque, where he and his wife, Krysty, are raising two young daughters.  A proud New Mexican, Mark and Krysty want their children to be able to chase and realize their boldest dreams – right here, at home.

One of five children himself, Mark was raised by two loving parents.  His father is a first-generation American who became an electrical engineer, and his grandfather came to the United States from Italy in the 1920’s unable to read or write.  Throughout Mark’s childhood, his family impressed upon him that the promise of the American Dream is what makes the United States a truly great and unique country.  Following the news was important, and there was no shortage of political conversations and disagreements around their (often loud) Italian family’s dinner table.  He learned – and still believes – that America offers extraordinary opportunities to anyone who works hard in pursuit of their dreams and affords each generation the chance to make life better for the next one… just as his parents and grandparents had done for him and his brothers and sisters.

Mark graduated from Washington State University in 1996 and, after a stint working at a television station in Colorado, he moved to New Mexico in 1998 to work for a local station in Albuquerque.  He became a certified meteorologist and went on to become the Chief Meteorologist for Albuquerque’s CBS-affiliated news station.  Mark has had a successful career and has enjoyed the opportunity and privilege to talk with viewers across the state each night.

Like many, Mark believes that elected leaders in Congress too often put politics ahead of the people they represent.  He’s running for the U.S. Senate to truly be New Mexico’s voice in the nation’s capital, where he will work to keep America strong and well-protected, preserve and grow New Mexico’s role in providing for our national defense, secure our southern border, and bring much-needed federal help in the daily fight against crime.

Mark is a conservative who also believes that taxes should be low and 2nd amendment rights should be protected.  As a proud political outsider, he says New Mexico deserves a senator who has not been part of the problem in Washington, but a senator who will represent true New Mexican values.

He supports all the President has done to energize America’s economy (driving unemployment to record lows), invest in our national laboratories and military bases, secure the border, and bring federal muscle into Albuquerque to tackle serious crime. And, he believes our state’s senators should work with the President – and with Republicans and Democrats alike in Congress – to build on these efforts, and stop obsessing over party politics.

Mark grew up with a strong Catholic faith, he is pro-life, and his family attends Sagebrush Church in Albuquerque.  He says his faith is the indispensable foundation of his life.

Mark’s Position on the Issues:

Put New Mexico First

We must elect a U.S. Senator who will always put the people of New Mexico first.

COVID-19 Response

Protect the health and livelihoods of all New Mexicans.  Each one of us must act responsibly and protect our shared public health.

Help families recover economically from this devastating virus.  Give small businesses and struggling workers the support they need.  Responsibly re-open our economy and help small businesses get back on their feet.

Support for Law Enforcement

We must fight racism and police brutality, but defunding the police is a reckless and irresponsible scheme that will make our communities less safe.  The vast majority of police officers are good people risking their lives to protect our community and have earned our support.

Strongly opposes efforts to defund the police.  Will fight to bring more federal help back to New Mexico to fight crime and make our streets safer. New Mexican families deserve nothing less.


A quality education is one of the most important factors in helping every child chase his or her dreams. For too long, our leaders have let our education system fall behind all of our neighboring states. In 2018, New Mexico was ranked 49th in the nation for education, with just 36% of the population having college education.  

He will fight for public charter schools in New Mexico and the value they bring to underserved communities. Giving parents the opportunity to choose the right public school for their child should be a freedom that is accessible to all New Mexicans.


Mark is a gun owner and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.   As Senator, Mark will always fight to protect our constitutional right to bear arms.


For decades, our political leaders have accepted the high crime levels as a way of life in New Mexico. Now we all live with the fear that we can’t keep our families safe. Albuquerque is one of the most violent cities in the nation. It doesn’t have to be this way!  

Mark believes that from the federal-level down to our smallest towns more must be done to get our crime epidemic under control and he will work tirelessly with the Department of Justice to get more federal task force resources and additional assistant US Attorneys to put criminals away. 

Mark also supports measures to eliminate sanctuary city laws around the country that allow illegal immigrants who commit crimes to be released back into our communities, rather than being deported.

Border Security

Mark opposes amnesty and believes our first objective in solving the immigration crisis is to secure our border.

Mark supports legal immigration but opposes amnesty. Those seeking citizenship should do so the right way, and those who break the law to come here shouldn’t be allowed to “jump the line” ahead of those who have been waiting.

Jobs and the Economy

Strong supporter of local small businesses and our energy economy.  A responsible energy economy in New Mexico creates thousands of good-paying jobs and funds 40% of our school funding.

Health Care

Opposes government-run Medicare for All. Bernie Sanders and Ben Ray Lujan’s socialist health care ideas do not work and do not represent New Mexico.

Supports protecting coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions and making sure they have the care they need.

Increasing and improving access to healthcare is possible by supporting policies that lower costs while protecting quality and choice. Every American should be able to pick the healthcare plan that they want, not one the government picks for them.

Military and Veterans

The federal government has increased defense spending and brought thousands of jobs to New Mexico, and Mark will fight to continue investing in the state.

He supports a strong national defense and understands the important role our labs and bases play in New Mexico. He supports increasing pay for those who serve in the military and fight to protect the benefits our veterans have earned. He would support easier access to care for veterans.


Mark believes in an all-of-the-above approach to developing energy resources in New Mexico and the United States and that it’s possible – and necessary – to both develop our energy resources and protect our environment. These goals do not have to compete with one another.

​Energy independence is vital to our national security, and New Mexico must always be at the forefront of providing energy to the world.  New Mexico must continue to be aggressive and focused on producing oil and gas, wind, solar, geothermal, and other forms of energy.


Mark believes life is a gift from God and every person has dignity and worth. Life should be protected – at all stages. With respect to abortion, he is strongly pro-life.


Mark opposes the so-called “Green New Deal,” believing it would destroy New Mexico’s energy economy, cause massive state budget cuts to education and health care spending, make the U.S. less competitive economically, and drive up the cost of living, working, farming, and running a business in America.