Mark Moores – GOP Candidate – CD 1


Our candidate Mark Moores has served as a Senator in the NM Senate since 2013. 

Past Experience and Education:  Although Mark was born and raised in the suburbs of Bethesda MD, his family has deep roots in New Mexico. His grandfather was the chairman of the Rio Arriba Republican Party and his mother, who is of Spanish descent, is originally from Española, New Mexico. After graduating from Walt Whitman High School, Mark moved to New Mexico to attend the University of New Mexico, where he was awarded a scholarship to play football for the Lobos.  Mark has lived in New Mexico for the past 33 years and believes New Mexico has a great future with the right leadership.

He earned a BA in Political Science from the University of New Mexico (UNM), 1988-1993 and an MBA from the UNM, Anderson School of Management, 2003-2005

Mark was the chief of staff for Lieutenant Governor Walter Dwight Bradley and a field representative for Congressman Steven Schiff. From 2006 to 2017, Moores was the executive director of the New Mexico Dental Association, where he was responsible for managing free dental clinics across New Mexico.

Mark currently serves on the following Committees in the NM Legislature: 
Standing Committees: Senate Judiciary and Senate Rules committees and Interim Committees:  Member of Disabilities Concerns Subcommittee; Indian Affairs Committee; Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee; Science, Technology & Telecommunications Committee; and Advisory Member to the Economic & Rural Development Committee and the Legislative Health & Human Services Committee; and a Designee to the Legislative Finance Committee.

Mark’s Voting Record on Key Issues:


HB 55 – Election President by National Popular Vote – Voted “No.”   Mark continues to support the Electoral College so that NM will have a voice in the determination of the U.S. President.

HB 407 – Election Laws 50 Year Tune up – Voted “Yes” (Major overhaul of NM election laws)

SB 489 – Energy Transition Act – Voted “Yes” (Voted for this act to help NM convert to cleaner, renewable energy in the future)


HB 83 – Early Childhood Education & Care Act – Voted “Yes” (Creates early childhood education & care fund)

SB 5 – Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act – Voted “No” (seizing of a person’s firearms per court order)


HB 4 – NM Civil Rights Act   Voted “No” (Allows any branch of government receiving public funds to be sued & from using “qualified immunity as a defense)

SB 8 – Local Government Air Quality Regulations – Voted “No” (Allows NM state & local governments to adopt more stringent air quality rules than Federal government)

SB 10 – Repeal Abortion Ban – Voted “No” (provides for abortion up to birth)

SB 35 – Minimum Wage for Secondary School Students – Voted “No” (Eliminates lower minimum wage for students & expands overtime pay & legal recourse for them)

SB 84 – Community Solar Act – Voted “No” (creates this Act for the operation of community solar facilities which is not regulated by the PRC & defines/amends definition of subscribers, etc.)

SB 93 – Broadband Access & Expansion Act – Voted “No” (Creates a broadband access & expansion council, defines their role with Governor appointed Director)

HJR 1 – Permanent Fund for Early Childhood – Voted “No” (Allows for a 1.25% distribution from the Land Grand Permanent Fund (LGPF) to early childhood education (60%) & (40%) to students at risk of failure, extending school year, & public school teacher compensation)

HB 47 – Elizabeth Whitfield Assisted Suicide – Voted “No” (Requires physician to certify and prescribe drugs to end a person’s life if, after examination, person has capacity to do so)

Mark has worked to achieve the following goals during his tenure in the NM Senate and, as our Congressional representative, will continue to work on major issues that impact New Mexico.

  • Crime: Make sure the federal government helps provide resources to combat NM crime.  Reduce crime and increase public safety by increasing penalties for repeat offenders, including jail time to keep them off the streets.
  • Small Business:  Work to provide an environment where small businesses can thrive
  • Border Surge:  Regarding the surge of children at the border, Mark is willing to work with anyone, anywhere, including the administration in Washington and the NM governor, to solve the problem.
  • Federal Oil & Gas Leases: Will push back on the Biden administration’s pause of new federal oil and gas leases. (“Forty-percent of our revenue as a state government comes from the oil and gas industry. These jobs are high-paying, great careers for many New Mexicans,” he said.)
  • Re-opening NM:  Mark believes NM can safely “reopen” (“COVID was so hard for many New Mexicans and we are going to fight to safely reopen our schools and we are going to fight to safely reopen our businesses and get our economy back and running,” said Moores.
  • Qualified Immunity:  Opposes eliminating qualified immunity defense for police officers
  • Constitutional Amendment:  Opposes a constitutional amendment that would withdraw more money from the Land Grant Permanent Fund to fund early childhood services
  • Primaries:  Supports “open” primaries
  • Capital Outlay Funds:  Supports disclosure of how legislators spend capital outlay funds for their projects
  • Steps to Diversify NM Economy & Revenue Base:  Supports “right-to-work” and revamp New Mexico’s gross receipts tax scheme that hinders small and family-owned businesses from creating jobs
  • Gross Receipts Tax:  Supports revamping NM’s Gross Receipts Tax to promote job creation
  • Fracking: Opposes a moratorium on fracking
  • Laboratories:  Mark will work to protect the laboratories in New Mexico which are a source of jobs and scientific projects/solutions that benefit our entire nation
  • Economic Competitiveness:  Supports lower taxes, reducing regulation and stopping cronyism and government corruption to improve NM’s economic competitiveness
  • Governor’s Emergency Powers:  Supports limiting the Governor’s authority during an emergency. The governor must be required to receive legislative input and approval within 30 days. The rights of those accused of violating her orders need to be protected – they deserve their day in court.
  • Social Security:  Supports removing NM’s taxing of our social security benefits

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