2019 – The election of knowledgeable, constitutionally-based judges in the upcoming elections will be critical to issues related to re-districting resulting from the 2020 Census.  Please educate yourself on all judges from our Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District and Metropolitan Courts.  Without experienced, well-qualified judges who rule based on the Law and not their personal or party preferences, NM will not be well-served.  As information becomes available on upcoming elections, we will be sure to post it here.

11-28-2018   All new judges elected for the Supreme Court and District Court are Democrats.  Four women trial lawyers replace the excellent Republican judges who held seats on the District Courts.  The election of these judges is a disaster for New Mexicans in terms of fairness and justice.  It is another sad day for New Mexico.  The information on this page will remain posted until 2019.

Recommendations on judicial retention are based upon information received from Judges forums, consideration of JPEC recommendations, and other sources that we consider to be informed and knowledgeable but are solely the “opinion” of this website.  Our recommendations may be amended if additional, valid information is received.  Where we have some information but not enough to recommend “retention” or “no retention” we simply list them as “No opinion.”
Note: To be retained, each judge must receive a minimum of 57% “yes” votes.  If they do not achieve this result, then they must run for this office again in the next election.