Eddy Aragon – Republican Candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque

Eddy Aragon – Republican Candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM, July 23, 2021 — Albuquerque radio station owner and conservative talk show host, Eddy Aragon, announced his candidacy for Republican nominee for Albuquerque mayor. He received the required number of signatures and is privately funding his campaign.

Who is Eddy Aragon?
My story is not my own. My story is my family’s. Long before New Mexico became a state – almost a century before America became a nation – my family settled in New Mexico. Like many New Mexican families, we were poor but we were proud. We lived in Santa Fe, La Liendre (which is now a ghost town), Cebolleta … we went from place to place, looking for work.
From my family’s first generation, who traveled here from Mexico City in 1693, to Albuquerque in our eighth generation, things didn’t change much. We lived in harmony with the land and at peace with our neighbors. We had large families who loved the Catholic Church and loved New Mexico’s mountains and rivers.

Eddy Aragon is:
A Patriot & New Mexican
– A Business Owner
– A Parent
– Anti-Illegal Mandates & Lockdowns
– Anti-MLG (Mad Lunatic Governor)
– Pro Constitution & Freedom
– Pro Trump and MAGA!
– Pro Fund and Support our Police
– Put New Mexico FIRST!

To donate to Eddy Aragon, please go to
: https://secure.anedot.com/4fd30fae-4ea6-4bcf-bf5d-0b9c17660e18/b94bcea8-d2ab-4716-b6a1-0b044e94f512

Eddy’s website: Fightfor505.com

Where Eddy Stands on the Issues
Eddy will fight to:

CRIME – Reduce it in every category.

What is your strategy for reducing violent crime?
Punish all crime, not just felonies.
Arrest Misdemeanors (shoplifting, trespassing, possession, loitering, prostitution)
No rehabilitation of criminals.  Focus on the public.  Prosecute.
Arrest quality of life issues (camping, begging, sanitation)
Build departments within APD (Non-Existent Units within APD: Gang Unit, Commercial & Residential Burglary)
What is your strategy for reducing property crime?
1. Create Property crime departments for Residential and Commercial.
2. Crime Impact detectives are 50% understaffed.  Need 100% staffed.  
3. Get citizens to call the 911.  Calls are down.  Crime is up.  
4. Support APD Officers.  Bolster with increased reporting staff.
5. Auto theft division improved because they got resourced.
APD continues operating under a U.S. Department of Justice settlement agreement that outlines reforms, policy changes, and mandatory training that police need to complete over several years. Should the city continue with that agreement or try to modify it? If so, how should the city try to modify it? 
The agreement can’t be modified or changed.
The reform is in federal court.  
The City is plaintiff and party to the consent decree.
Engage DOJ.  Accelerate compliance.  Fight them.  Remove them.
Improve morale of the officers.  Stop targeting Officers.  Support them.  It’s in our control.  
With more police officers nationwide leaving the profession, what would you do to retain Albuquerque Police Department officers?  
1. Stop blaming ‘national trend’.  
2. 90+ APD officers have left. 
3. Officers buying out to retire because they aren’t supported. 
4. No settlement policy with legal claims from criminals.
5. Spread Overtime pool across all officers.  $20k to each officers Day 1.  We can’t grow if we can’t retain. 

COMMERCE – Grow and support it. He will fight to keep businesses open, especially small businesses.

Under what circumstances, if any, would you support raising taxes?
Under no circumstances.
Not for a Stadium.
Not for a Bus.
Not for a Spaceship.
Not for a Building.
What specific industries should the city target with economic development incentives?
1. Homebuilders – Acquire land, build neighborhoods, streamline approvals.
2. Industrial Commercial Real Estate Developers – We have 0% vacancy.  We need Industrial space.
3. Doctors – We should provide property tax incentives for relocation of physicians
4. Entrepreneurs – Students!
5. Closed Restaurants – Build them a ‘Cloud Kitchen’
What are your economic development strategies for boosting small, local businesses?
1. Remove the ART!
2. Remove blight, vagrancy, crime and make this a city where people want to do business.
3. Compete against Casinos for attractions, food, visitors and entertainment.
4. Fight shutdowns from State.  No essential vs. non-essential
5. Personally visit small businesses everyday in the “City Manager Cruiser”.
Do you support issuing $50 million in gross receipts tax bonds to fund a new multipurpose soccer stadium for New Mexico United’s use? If so, why is that the best use of $50 million? If not, why?
1. No way.
2. We don’t have $50 Million.
3. The soccer team is not successful and is a political arm of our current Governor and Mayor.
4. The Nusenda Stadium is a great place to play ‘futbol’.
5. The Duke City Gladiators have won a Championship.  The United hasn’t.
If the bond passes, what role should the community have in selecting a stadium location?
1. Year 1:  Vote on what year they want to build it.
2. Year 2:  Vote on what part of town they want it.
3. Year 3:  Vote on what they want the facility to be.
4. Year 4:  Wait for them to win championship.
5. Year 5:  Build it.

COVID – Eliminate all mandates on masking and vaxxing.

He will hire an epidemiologist and provide personal protective tools such as hand sanitizing, masks, where requested. Guidance will be provided but healthcare choices will be made by citizens and businesses, not government.
Under what circumstances, if any, would you support mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for first responders and other city employees who have direct contact with the public?
1.  No mandatory masking
2.  No mandatory vaxxing
3.  Vaccinations, after full FDA approval, are a choice
4.  We will provide any personal protective tools (hand sanitizing, masking, distancing) upon request everywhere.
5.  We will augment work schedules on a 24 hour clock and implement telecommuting strategies when requested.

CORRUPTION – Expose and defeat it.
We need to remove entrenched corrupt power politicians

CITY – Run it like someone who loves it.
The city is establishing a new Gateway Center at the old Lovelace hospital in Southeast Albuquerque and some neighbors are concerned that it will be too big of an operation. What is the maximum number of overnight shelter beds the facility should have?
1. The Gateway is unsuitable.
2. Only 300 beds.  Impractical.
3. Overnight shelters in City need to be actively supported with care, pick up and transit.
4. We should not ‘invest’ in Real Estate or tiny homes.
5. We will help homeless find forever homes.  50% not from New Mexico.
What is the city’s responsibility to neighborhoods around the Gibson Gateway and any future city-owned shelters?
1. To maintain the safety of the neighborhood.
2. To improve the quality of life of its area residents.
3. To continue to support its active economic growth and gentrification.
4. To establish commerce for employees of our largest employers Sandia Labs, Kirtland and UNM
5. To increase property values.
What should the city do for people living on the streets who do not want to stay in a shelter?
1. Determine the best care on a case by case basis.
2. If Mental, give care and transport to facility immediately.
3. If Drug Related, give care and transport to jail immediately.
4. If Economic, give care and transport to shelter immediately.
5. If they refuse, transport out of City.
Do you support sanctioned encampments (sometimes called “safe outdoor spaces”) in the city? Why or why not?
1. Yes!
2. As a temporary measure (less than 30 days) before we transport homeless to their forever homes or back to their hometown.
3. Need to be actively managed with case workers towards suitable solution for client.
4. Prevents organic camps from developing.
5. Easier to track our homeless.
A 2020 analysis showed the city needs 15,500 more affordable housing units to meet demand for those with extremely low incomes. What is your plan to address that gap?
1. Grow jobs.  Create opportunity.  I came from a low income start.
2. Our Real Estate market suffers from a lack of supply.  Current prices are making homes unattainable.
3. Attract homebuilders and apartment developers to ABQ
4. Absorb infill and undeveloped land.  
5. Streamline ABQ’s Planning and Development Department.
Fewer than half of Albuquerque residents agree the city is responsive to community needs, according to the city’s own survey. What would you do to improve responsiveness?
1. Personally visit small businesses daily in “City Manager Cruiser”.
2. Leverage the 9 Line at 505-969-9999
3. Continue to do Radio Show on AM 1600 KIVA from 4-7pm called “The Rock of Talk”
4. Personally show up at every City Council Meeting
5. Inspire City Employees!  Morale is low.
What large infrastructure projects would you push for in the city’s next capital implementation program?
1. Build another bridge across river.  This is holding our city back.
2. City wide beautification of our infrastructure and repair all city streets
3. Downtown improvement initiative to fill office space and retail fronts
4. Incorporate North Albuquerque Acres into ABQ – Money.
5. Facilities for Kids.  Pools and Playgrounds.
What plans do you have to raise the quality of life for Albuquerque residents?
We will fight to keep businesses open especially small business 
Provide guidance for business and schools while maintaining healthcare choice for citizens
Mandates will be challenged on the science by our Epidemiologist
Churches will determine how they will operate 
Keep all festivals and fairs open