CD 1 Special Election Candidate – M. Stansbury

CD 1 – Democrat Candidate – Melanie Stansbury (D)

Melanie Stansbury, although born in Farmington NM, has spent many of her 42 years outside the state. She was recruited and received training from EMERGE (an organization that recruits and trains Democrat women for the purpose of creating Democrat majorities in state legislatures like NM). She was elected to office in 2018, replacing House District 28 legislator Jimmy Hall (R). In interviews and articles written about Stansbury, she claims to understand NM’s issues such as crime – education – improving the economy, etc. See

However, her actions – once in office – have been just the opposite.  Her record is one of environmental activism, higher taxation, increased regulation, and more government control. As you will see below, the ratings given to her by the Rio Grande Foundation and the New Mexico Business Coalition, establish that she supports a hard-line leftist agenda which does nothing to help New Mexicans (except in her own mind.)

What New Mexicans need are jobs, a good economy, real education (not leftist indoctrination of students), competitive/ good health care, and safe places to work and live.  Ms. Stansbury offers none of that to voters.

Since her time in office, her State voting record tells it all.  Destroy oil and gas, supporting climate change exaggerations, adding regulations, more taxation, increased gun control, supporting abortion, and just more government control over every aspect of your lives.  To see her voting record on all 2021 Round-house bills (and for her sponsored and co-sponsored bills), go to and/or .

Her ties to the Left run very deep.  Her credentials and professional experience listed below sound impressive but how has she used them?

Has she worked to solve the problems in NM as she claims?  No, instead her voting records show the opposite.  She has never met a left-wing bill that she doesn’t like or support.  If she can do this much damage to New Mexico just imagine the damage she will do to our country if she is elected to Congress.


Professional Experience:  Consultant/Senior Adviser, Policy and Community Programs, Utton Center, University of New Mexico etc, 2017-present

Professional Staff, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, United States Senate, 2015-2017

Program Examiner, White House Office of Management and Budget, 2011-2015

Consultant, Sandia National Laboratories, Utton Transboundary Resources Center, etc, 2011

Policy Fellow, White House Council on Environmental Quality, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, United States Senate, 2010-2011

Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant/Researcher, Cornell University, 2004-2010    Field Ecology Instructor, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, 2002-2004

She has been appointed to key State Legislative committees where she has been in a position to do great harm to New Mexicans.

Current Key Legislative Committees

Vice Chair, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

Member, Science, Technology & Telecommunications

Member, Taxation & Revenue

Member, Water & Natural Resources

Freedom Rating:

The Rio Grande Foundation (RGF) publishes an evaluation of how legislators voted in terms of depriving you or preserving your liberties.  The legislation is analyzed and scored on a scale of -8 to +8. The most liberty-depriving legislation receives a minus -8. Legislation considered to be among the best of advancing freedom is scored as +8.   Legislators are then scored based strictly on their voting record.

The RGF is a research institute dedicated to increasing liberty and prosperity for all of New Mexico’s citizens.

To see their complete voting records and ratings by bill go to:

Here is how Mark Moores rates vs. Melanie Stansbury using this analysis:

Mark Moores                                                Melanie Stansbury                                                   

Lifetime Score                                               Lifetime Score                                  
Freedom Rating:   34                                     Freedom Rating: Minus -196

2021 Freedom Rating: 65                              2021 Freedom Rating: Minus  -177

Attendance 77%                                             Attendance:  97%

Business Friendly Rating:

According to state officials, New Mexico has permanently lost 2,000 businesses and 60,000 jobs.  “Without federal dollars, the state would instead be filling an $800 million hole. That is an $800 million in lost revenue,” Sen. George Munoz (D) stated at the conclusion of the Senate floor session on 3/4/2021.

Ms. Stansbury has done nothing to improve New Mexico’s economy nor its job retention (let alone increase available jobs).  If she is elected to Congress she will continue to support (even more directly) President Biden’s and the radical Left’s policy of free market destruction.

The New Mexico Business Coalition ratings based for both major party CD-1 candidates, based on support for business-friendly policies are as follows:

Mark Moores – A                                           Melanie Stansbury – D



Please go and vote IN PERSON” either during Early Voting (MAY 15  TO May 29th  10 am to 7 pm) or on Election Day – June 1st 2021 (7 am to 7 pm).